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    Prof. Dr. Peter Billigmann had been a professional athlete for years and for decades we have now been successfully occupied in taking care of international top athletes and teams. This means an intensive occupation with the effects and influence of physical, psychic and mental top strain on men. In addition to that it means to be experienced with the diagnostic parameters in order to delimit "healthy" from "unhealthy".
    To maintain your performance and your best health condition it is necessary to develop the right manageing strategies. And it demands the knowlege to set yourself realistic aims, to araouse mativation and maintain it enduringly.

    Get your goal with a clear diagnosis.

    During the past few yearsthe medical knowledge concerning the causes, the development and the ways to avoid malignant diseases as well as dangerous coronary and vascular diseases has been multiplied.
    We have been working practically and scientifically on nutrition medicine, preventive madicine and anti-ageing medicine for years.

    We help you to stay healthy.

    Our manager Prof. Dr. Peter Billigmann MD teaches sport medicine at the Institute for Sports Medicine at the Uneversity of Landau.
    He put emphasis on the sientific work on sports medicine and - among others - on reports about the meaning of amino acids concerning the development and treatment of degenerative diseases.

    A lot of atinternational top athletes and top managers trust in the diagnosis of Prof. Dr. Billigmann.

    Go and get an appointment. For your health's sake.

    We are looking forward to seeing you.
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