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    Still resistant to stress? Or do you already feel first warning signals?

    Time to do a "Check-Up" at ILS.
    In a relaxed atmosphere you are anticipating a complete and comprhensive analyse of your health condition on the basis of:
    - conventional medicine
    - the lastest discoveries in anti-ageing medicine, nutrition medicine and sports medicine
    - the most modern high-tech diagnostics

    Everything's allright? - A reassuring feeling.
    Discoverd weak points? - Your chance to react early enough. We tell you how.

    We will work out individual suggestions with you, how to develop strategies to handle those and offer you - if desired - our further taking care of putting them into action.

    Our main emphasis on one view:
    ° a complete and comprehensive preventive medical examination and consultation
    ° orthomolecular diagnostics (highly specific lab analysis of vital substance, amino acids a.s.o.)
    ° functional medical exemination (spiroergometry / lactate performance tests)
    ° bioimpedace analysis
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